57K for Kids!

$57K for the Kids! Just Click the Picture to Donate!


BOSS 2010 was incredible. Definitely one of the top online business event I’ve ever attended and spoken for. (Yes, I know I am breaking some sacred rule of grammar by ending a sentence with “for.” But I do not know what the rule is and I will attempt to break many ruled in the following paragraphs!)

First, HUGE thank you to Carrie Wilkerson. She asked about doing an auction for 100X Missions at the event and said we’ll raise at least $10,000.

Of course I was thrilled and had some doubts. :-)

Well, $10K was not raised – over $57,000 was raised!!!!

That is so humbling and amazing!


100% goes to the children. All 100X overhead is covered from businesses, so individual gifts are protection from being diluted.

Second, thanks to all the attendees who gave and made it possible. The folks at BOSS are the best. There is a different spirit and expectation at this event. People came ready to learn, to work and to give.

It was an honor to get to meet so many who have been part of my training programs and email training through the years. You guys know I think it’s easier to speak to 10,000 than to speak one-on-one. Thanks for stretching me!!

Thanks to all the speakers:

Zig Ziglar shared from his 83 years of wisdom. “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

When walking down the hall to meet Zig a huge wave of emotion hit me. I’ve been learning from him since I was a teenager. His training has impacted my life more than any one else (outside of God’s Word). Sharing the stage with him was a deep honor, an unforgettable memory and it challenged me to continue giving my best to serve you.

Paul Martinelli challenged us to live our dreams and not hold back.

Bryan Binkholder showed us how to generate leads using radio. Plus the guy is funny!

Joel Comm had a great multi-media presentation on creativity and forgetting the box altogether.

David Ring made it clear, “I have cerebral palsy. What’s your problem?!” You know, most people spend too much time whining, complaining and creating excuses for their failure. Listen – that’s a stupid waste of life.

Carrie Wilkerson – event founder – challenged us all the way through. From list building to business building. She’s a dynamo who says, “I’ll sleep after I die; there’s too much to do while I’m alive!”

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Mtendere Album

Support the children of Mtendere Village by purchasing their album!

Here are song titles:

1. Ulendo Wopita Kumwamba  (On A Journey To Heaven)

2. Tikusanduka Mikango (We Are Turning Into Lions)

3. Kuli Chimwemwe  (There is Joy)

4. Yohane 14  (John 14)

5. Tisangalale  (We Should Rejoice)

6. I Have A Home In Heaven

7. Agogoda (He Knocks)

8. Takalandirani (Welcome)

9. Singing in the Light of God

10. Nza Tsata Ambuye  (I Follow My Lord)

11. Konza Mtimawo  (Fix Your Heart)

12. Nanga Inu (How About You?)

13. Ali Ndichifundo Nane (He Has Raised Me Up)

14. Mwali Wakanaka (God Is Good)

Click Here to Order Thru I-Tunes

Joy In the Village Lyrics

Or Order the CD Version…

When you buy this album you help the children of Malawi!!!! Please purchase now!

Or Call Landmark Church direct to order… 334-277-5800 ask for Wes Gunn

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Thanks to Alabama Christian Academy for allowing 100X Missions to host chapel today.

We’ll be working together to raise support for Stella’s House in Moldova.


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Mtendere Electricity!

When the switch was flipped the kids flipped too!!!!

Stephen Makasu, age 17, said they played with the switch all night just to see the lights go on and off.

Special thanks to Steve Pruitt from Auburn, AL for going over and putting the electricity in. The kids are amazed and overwhelmed.

Alert. It’s 2010 and these children are just getting electricity. Not to beat us up too much, but we turn our air conditioning down low in this blazing heat of Summer. Enjoying the cool. Relaxing. We complain if we sweat.

These children are praising the Lord to have LIGHT for the first time in their lives!!!

We ought to be giving to the children AT LEAST the amount of our air conditioning bill each month. Right?

How about $100 a month? Gift $100 a month How about $500? Gift $500 a month

Let’s rescue more orphans!!!!



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Stella’s Stories

Give $25 a month to rescue girls from human trafficking

Give Any Amount You Choose

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City of Angels Visit

We just got back from the City of Angels in Cozumel.

AWESOME trip and an amazing work. What a BLESSING!

The reason 100x was formed is to come along side ministries with excellence and help them expand their work.

Ciudad de Angeles is one of those ministries. Everything they do is first class. From the way children are selected to the quality housing and care.

Here are some pictures…

Set 1

Set 2

And a video…



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Download Rescue Giving PDF

Give $25 a month to rescue girls from human trafficking

Give Any Amount You Choose

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City of Angels News

Here’s the Latest City of Angels Newsletter… City of Angels June 2010

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Mtendere Donations

Mtendere Mom Sponsor Click Here

Child Meal Sponsor Click Here

Child School Sponsor Click Here

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Dana’s Malawi Update

It has been such an exciting time at the village! Many of you are aware that one of our sponsors, Katie Sanderson, who is a nurse is here doing first aid classes and physicals at Mtendere. 2 weeks ago she was very sick and had to go to South Africa due to kidney stones. She is back with us and doing wonderful. The kids & staff gathered together every day to pray for her until she was back on Malawi soil. They truly love and appreciate ALL who come and serve!

The past week we have been blessed to have 27 sponsors come to Mtendere and serve! The volunteers have been really focused on giving the children extra classes to help them pass their exams this upcoming week with flying colors! We have also had many wonderful nights with our teen girls during our devotion time. Many of our volunteers shared their life story with them. The girls were amazed at how similar we truly are to one another. They were very open about their hurts from the abandonment and abuse they experienced before coming to Mtendere. A lot of healing has taken place and has been absolutely beautiful (o’congola)! God is truly at work!

Also, on Saturday the children threw a very elaborate surprise birthday party for ME ( with the help of little Alley, Katie, & Phyllis)! I have truly NEVER experienced such a party! Lots of speeches, songs (even my favorite song by Creed), prayers, presentation of birthday cards, eating, & dancing! Everyone was served rice, greens, chicken, & coke (This was a HUGE honor for an orphanage to have as a meal) and then a Malawian DJ came and played music and we danced until we couldn’t dance anymore!

This upcoming week is our big exam week for our children in grade 1-8. Please keep them in your prayers! Our house mother, Elinali, is still at home on bedrest. Also please pray for our new assistant, Towangay (She has taken the place of Ruthie & Grace who died in the tragic car accident in September). Towangay’s brother drowned on Saturday and she is burying him today. He was like a son to her. He had just graduated from 12th grade.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers! I will post pictures as soon as I get a good connection with internet!

Dana Blanchard
100X Missions

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